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Welcome to my personal website, which is a place for me to informally share some of my random interests.  When I started researching my family tree many years ago, my original purpose for having a website was to share my family tree.  This website has become more general in purpose over time, and now includes aspects beyond genealogy, such as photography, music, etc.  British television is one of my addictions, and more specifically, crime and mystery series and movies.  When I complied and added a list of those on this site, the number of people viewing that page skyrocketed, and is one of the first results of a Google search.  The photo shown above is a stock photograph of County Galway, Ireland.  Listed below is a guided menu to my website.


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This page contains some background information on me, including how to contact me, follow me on social media, as well as a chronological list of updates to the website.

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While I am far from being an expert with any type of camera, this page contains some collections of photographs from holidays abroad, nature, and architecture.

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This page contains some entertainment related interests, including British TV crime and mysteries, custom album artwork for concert bootlegs, and even some recipes.

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Though I've had a website for years, this page contains the beginnings of a blog.  It's too early to tell how often blog content will be added, but this will provide me the freedom.

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This page contains information on my family tree research, including a link to my family tree database, as well as some other helpful information that I've compiled.




© Copyright  -  Timothy J. Barron  -  This page was updated June 6, 22023

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