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While I am far from being an expert with any type of camera, below are some collections of what I consider to be some of my better photographs.  My photography skills are very amateur, and based around the simple principle of “point, shoot, and pray,” and this is meant literally.  I point the camera at subject matter, frame it up, shoot it a few times, and then pray that one of the shots comes out decent!  Almost all of the photographs were edited and improved in some manner.  The above stock photograph was selected to help illustrate the fact that an iPhone is the only camera that I currently use.  Any feedback or questions on the photographs are welcome.  All photographs are copyrighted, and may not be used for commercial purposes or published without permission.


Pubs of Dublin, Ireland

This page contains a collection of some very photogenic pubs in Dublin, Ireland, which were shot during multiple holidays.

London, England

This page contains a collection of photograph of some popular attractions in London, England, which were shot during a holiday there.




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