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Researching my ancestry and family tree has been my most passionate and primary hobby for many years.  As a result of having a website since the onset of my research, I’ve dialogued with dozens of distant cousins, and some have even provided me with photographs of my ancestors that my family had never seen.  Though I do not descend from anyone that is even close to being remotely famous, it does not change the fact that I find it fascinating to research my family tree.  There are “skeletons in the closet” of every family tree, and I’ve learned many interesting, scandalous, and crazy stories about my ancestors and relatives.  While I am not a professional or certified genealogist, I have diligently learned to apply the same type of recognized principles and standards of proof to my research methods.  The photo shown above is a stock photograph, which was sourced here.     

Family Tree Research

Listed below is extensive information on my family tree research, which includes my family tree database.  Articles and summaries of specific topics will also be posted, such as how I discovered that one of my ancestors was adopted.  Also included are some resources and learning material about family tree research, which includes tips, techniques, and resources that I have applied to my own research, or have found helpful.  This list will be continually updated and expanded.

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My Family Tree Research

This page contains links to my family tree database and DNA testing, as well as information on my research methods and approach, and resources that I utilize.

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Exposing Slavery

This page contains a summary of my ongoing research that exposes slavery in my family tree, and documentation on the enslavers and those who were enslaved.

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Family Truthlore

Many families have stories passed down which are pure folklore.  This page is the opposite, and summarizes documented family stories which I have discovered.

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My Ancestor Was Adopted

This page contains a summarized narrative of how I determined that one of my ancestors was adopted, and that the surname which I carry resulted not from his birth.

Genealogy Topics

Listed below is below is some helpful information that I have compiled on genealogy related topics which are not specific to my family tree.

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Genealogy Television Series & Videos

This page contains a list of some informative television documentaries about genealogy and family tree research, some dramas, as well as some educational videos.

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Understanding DNA Ethnicity Estimates

This page outlines some key considerations and common misconceptions about ethnicity estimates from ancestry DNA tests, including variances between family members.




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