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My Family Tree

Researching my ancestry and family tree has been my most passionate and primary hobby for many years.  As a result of having a website since the onset of my research, I’ve dialogued with dozens of distant cousins, and some have even provided me with photographs of my ancestors that my family had never seen.  Though I do not descend from anyone that is even close to being remotely famous, it does not change the fact that I find it fascinating to research my family tree.  There are “skeletons in the closet” of every family tree, and I’ve learned many interesting, scandalous, and crazy stories about my ancestors and relatives. 


Though I am not a professional or certified genealogist, I have diligently learned to apply the same type of recognized principles and standards of proof to my research methods.  This page includes information on how to find and access my family tree database, as well as details on the approach and methodologies that I apply in my research.  Also listed further below is a personalized list of links to research sources which I regularly utilize or have applied to my research.  The photo shown above was sourced here, and is from Neil Bromley, who offers professional calligraphy services and prints for sale.

Family Tree Database


Listed below are links to access and view my family tree database.  My chosen methodology for compiling my family tree is using Family Tree Maker (FTM) software, which syncs my tree with the Ancestry website.  One clear advantage of the Ancestry website is the ability to link each individual to source records, as well as uploading and sharing countless photos and documents.  One major flaw of the Ancestry website is that it does not display any notes (i.e. research notes) from Family Tree Maker, and this is something that I find immensely frustrating as I record extensive chronological research notes for every person in my database.  For the purpose of sharing my research notes, I also have my database available on the RootsFinder website, which displayed at the bottom of the profile page for each person via an expand button.  If you are curious of my relation to a specific individual, simply ask. 


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Ancestry Family Tree Database

My family tree database is publicly available on the Ancestry website, and includes source information and any photographs that I have gathered in my research.

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RootsFinder Family Tree Database

My family tree database is publicly available on the RootsFinder website, and contains my detailed research notes at the bottom of the profile page of each person.


Research Methodology and Sources

This section contains a categorized list of the methodology and approach of my family tree research, as well as a detailed list of the resources which I utilize and apply to my research.  This is not meant to be a comprehensive list for family tree research in general, and instead is a highly personalized list to my family tree and my research methodology.  This list will be continually updated and expanded.  Click on each toggle to expand it and show further details.




© Copyright  -  Timothy J. Barron  -  This page was updated September 6, 2021

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