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This page contains custom album artwork that I created for some concert bootleg recordings from PALE WAVES.  Obviously, as concert bootleg recordings are not commercially available, there is no official album artwork.  This custom album artwork was created solely for my own personal use, and you are free to use it for your own personal use.  All of the images were created in Adobe Photoshop Elements using layers, and are 1500 x 1500 resolution.  Clicking on any image will open a gallery viewer, which includes the ability to browse through the images, as well as a download button for each image.  Simply hovering over any image will display a download button in the lower right of the image.  If you use any of the artwork in your music library, I would be interested in knowing, as well as hearing any comments and feedback on the design.  The photo above was source here.  The band name is frequently stylized in all capital letters.

My Mind Makes Noises (2017-2019) Tour

The following is custom album artwork that I created for some concert bootleg recordings from PALE WAVES.  This artwork is for the era and tour preceding and pertaining to the My Mind Makes Noises studio album, which was released on September 14, 2018.  The band previously released several singles, as well as an EP.  The band used a few different promotional graphics for their concerts, and my design loosely mimics one of those.  Each concert was customized with a photograph from the actual performance, which was sourced online, or from a screen shot from a video of the performance.




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